Origin: Kyoto

Katana Matcha 刀 (2g x 10)

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  • Matcha powder
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  • Katana Matcha 刀 (2g x 10) - NIPPON CHA
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  • Katana Matcha 刀 (2g x 10) - NIPPON CHA

Origin: Kyoto

Katana Matcha 刀 (2g x 10)

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  • Katana is our first harvest matcha using only the finest, young tea leaves of the saemidori, okumidori, and yabukita varieties. It is a classic, Usucha (thin) matcha with a hint of sweetness at first, before a soft and refreshing bitterness cuts across the palate, making this an invigorating, highly satisfying matcha. The preferred matcha of the Ueda Sōko school of the Japanese Tea ceremony.

  • 20g Tin

  • Tea Amount: .4 teaspoon (2g)
    Water Amount: 2.7 oz (80 ml)
    Water Temperature: 194°F 
    Equipment: Bamboo Tea Whisk & Matcha Sifter

    1. Pour a little boil

    1. Pour a little boiling water into your cup and rest the tea whisk in the cup with the bristles in the water (This warms the cup and whisk, and also softens the bristles of the whisk). 
    2. Discard the water and wipe any drips from the cup.
    3. Sift 2g / .4 teaspoon of matcha into your cup. Sifting makes the matcha finer, removing the potential for clumps of tea to form in the final cup of matcha.
    4. Pour 80ml (2.7 oz) of hot water (194°F) and whisk well with the tea whisk. Whisk back and forth in a “W” motion like the picture below to make an even layer of fine foam on the surface of the matcha. Do not stir in a circular motion or the matcha powder will not mix with the water well. 

    Matcha Preparation Instructions when you don’t have a bamboo tea whisk or matcha sifter

    1. Pour boiling water into your cup to warm it.
    2. Discard the water and wipe any drips from the cup.
    3. Put 2g / .4 teaspoons of matcha into your cup. Pour in a little (20ml or .7oz) of hot water (194°F) and stir well to dissolve all the matcha powder. 
    4. Pour in the rest of the hot water (2oz) while continuing to stir well.

    ** Note you can use hot milk instead of water to make a matcha latte. We recommend using soy, almond or vegan milks only, as the casein found in milk will reduce the positive health benefits of green tea's ECEG.



All our tea leaves are from specified single regions in Japan.


All Nippon Cha teas are made with premium, 100% first harvest leaves.


Our teas offer many health benefits and are loaded with antioxidants.