We would like to introduce you to Nippon Cha's very own wholesale partnership program. We want to share Japan's finest and most authentic matcha & tea to businesses like yours while being available at an competitive price and unbeatable quality.

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Wholesale Products

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tochucha with ginger benefits
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Organic Kagoshima Hojicha (first picked) - NIPPON CHA
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Uji Matcha 宇治抹茶  1kg/bag
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Organic Hojicha Powder  100g/bag

 Elevate your tea experience with Nippon Cha Wholesale!

We take pride in offering top-tier Japanese tea, including the best matcha in the market and more. Our tea catalog showcases a carefully curated selection, emphasizing cultivation methods, production, and the rich cultural heritage of each origin.

We exclusively carry our own brand of tea products, sourced directly from Nippon Cha Japan - Ujien Seicha. Whether you need organic or conventional tea for your food or beverage manufacturing needs, we've got you covered.

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