Origin: Kyoto

Chakai Grade Matcha お抹茶まっちゃ 茶会用 (100g/bag)

  • Chakai Grade Matcha お抹茶まっちゃ 茶会用 (100g/bag)
  • Chakai Grade Matcha お抹茶まっちゃ 茶会用 (100g/bag)
  • Chakai Grade Matcha お抹茶まっちゃ 茶会用 (100g/bag)
  • Chakai Grade Matcha お抹茶まっちゃ 茶会用 (100g/bag)
  • Matcha taste
  • Japanese Tea ceremony

Origin: Kyoto

Chakai Grade Matcha お抹茶まっちゃ 茶会用 (100g/bag)

  • Origin: Kyoto, Japan

  • お抹茶まっちゃ 茶会用: (Our best quality matcha for Chado (Japanese tea ceremony) practicing and upscale food business.
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  • Chakai is our first harvest, ceremonial grade tea matcha made for the Japanese tea ceremony in the Ueda Soko tradition. Highly satisfying, sweet with umami and vibrant green color. As always, Nippon Cha matcha use only leaves cultivated in Uji, Kyoto, plucked from the first harvest of the season, with specified growers and clear production history.

  • Matcha
    Origin: Kyoto
    100g (Loose Tea)
    Made In Japan

  • Tea Amount: 2 teaspoons (8g)
    Water Amount: 14 oz (400ml)
    Water Temperature: 194°F

    1. Pour boiling water into both your teapot and cups to warm them.
    2. Discard the water from your teapot and put in 8g / 2 teaspoons of tea leaves.
    3. Pour 14 oz of boiling water into your teapot (please be careful when handling boiling water).
    4. Steep for 7 minutes. You may want to use a tea cosy over your pot for this long steeping time. Steeping the tea for 7 minutes will give you 2 infusions. You can also try reducing the steeping time to 3 minutes – this will give you up to 3 infusions.
    5. Discard the warming water from your teacups before pouring the tea. Pour the tea a little at a time while alternating between cups to make each cup is even in strength and flavor. Pour all the tea from the teapot, waiting until the very last drop falls. By infusing this way, you will be able to enjoy up to 2 infusions of the same leaves.


All our tea leaves are from specified single regions in Japan.


All Nippon Cha teas are made with premium, 100% first harvest leaves.


Our teas offer many health benefits and are loaded with antioxidants.