A Memorable Change In 2020

A Memorable Change In 2020

Entering 2020 has not been our brightest moment. The global pandemic has deteriorated many of our lifestyles and the way we lived our everyday lives. No one has ever expected restaurants to close their indoor seating. After a year of isolation and the pandemic, we are slowly but surely coming back together. Residents of New York City are stronger than ever for bringing back the city that never sleeps. This time around, we are more aware and grateful as the pandemic has grown us closer to each other. Cheers to a new start!

Outdoor Seating During the Summer

This phenomenal view of Nippon Cha elevates the immaculate design they have made for their outdoor seating purpose. This is specifically perfect for the warm summer days to enjoy the breeze and gorgeous weather while sipping on their amazing tea!

Being prepared for increased takeout orders

The Process of Outdoor Dining

Seating right in front of the store. It is a connecting roof to the store and brings much attention to the new seating arrangement.

Nippon Cha’s Outdoor Dining

During the wonderful holiday season in 2020; Nippon Cha decided to prepare a special and extraordinary outdoor dining for their customers. They have decided to go out of their way to decorate the outdoor seating by adding artificial Christmas trees. These outdoor seats include heaters that keep the customers warm during their stay. Let’s grab a cup of tea and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

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